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Bergshav Management engages personnel with long and varied experience, and a well trained, highly qualified core of Officers have been with our company for several years. Emphasis is put on stability, quality and training by which efficient and secure operations are ensured.

On-board courses are conducted to enhance safety and performance.


On board the MT 'Bertina' - Course in correct use and maintenance of Portable Gas Detection Equipment.



The nationality of the crew on board depends on flag and trading pattern.   However, the crew on board vessels managed by Bergshav Management is mainly from Norway and India.  

To ensure continual improvement in the Company's activities, training programmes for both shore-based and sea-going personnel have been established.  The training programmes are additional to the mandatory training/outside requirements and are focused to further enhance personal development.

Through officers' Conferences such training may include, for instance :

  • Emergency response training
  • Teamwork and motivation
  • Problem-solving
  • Quality Awareness
  • Identification and safe execution of critical processes
To this effect the Company's Management seeks to motivate all personnel with respect to attitude to enhance the Company's safety culture. This is partly obtained through the daily contact between the shore based and shipboard personnel and partly through regular training sessions.

Together with the manning agent in Mumbai, India, the Company initiates Officers' Conferences on a bi-annual basis.  Officers' Conferences are also held in the Headquarters for the Norwegian officers, and in both cases various safety issues, teamwork, motivation and personnel development through training are important items on the agenda.  

In addition, and on a regular basis, officers spend time at the Headquarters on their way to embarkation in order to get an update on the ship in general and on Company SMS in particular.
With a highly qualified and well-trained crew Bergshav Management can meet new challenges and explore new opportunities.






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